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Welcome to the Citizenís Guide to Lake and Pond Management. This manual contains a variety of information from State and local agencies on lake and pond ecology. The information has been cataloged by subject to provide you with the necessary information on improving, managing and restoring your lake or pond system. The subjects by chapter are listed below.


Chapter 1†††††† Florida Lakes and Ponds Guide

         Florida Lakes and Ponds Guide

         Internet Resources

         Ten Dos and Doníts to Maintain a Pond and Improve Water Quality

         Big Three Pollutants

         Water Resource Degradation


Chapter 2†††††† Beneficial and Nuisance Vegetation

         Native Plants That Attract Wildlife

         Explore Your AlterNatives

         Ornamental Trees for Central Florida

         2003 list of Invasive Plant Species

         Fact Sheets for Non-Native Invasive Plants: Air Potato, Australian Pine, Brazilian Pepper, Chinese Tallow, Giant Salvinia, Hydrilla, Melaleuca, Torpedo Grass, Water Hearts, Water Hyacinth, Water Lettuce, Water Spinach, Wild Taro


Chapter 3†††††† Aquatic Weed Control and Aquascaping

         An Introduction to Aquascaping

         Native Aquatic Plants

         Plants for Lakefront Revegetation

         Weed Control in Florida Ponds

         Herbicide Advice for Homeowners

         Practices to Protect Surface Waters from Pesticides

         Algae Control

         Brazilian Pepper Control

         Hydrilla Control

         Aquatic Herbicide Applicator Certification


Chapter 4††††† Fish

         Managing Florida Ponds for Fishing

         Triploid Grass Carp

         Understanding Fish Kills in Florida Freshwater Systems

         Dissolved Oxygen for Fish Production


Chapter 5†††††† Wildlife

         Living with Alligators

         Nuisance Alligators

         Floridaís Non-Venomous Snakes

         Floridaís Venomous Snakes

         Pond Turtle Identification

         Common Turtles

         Frogs and Toads of Florida

         LakeWatch Bird Watching

         Freshwater Birds

         Bird Habitat Choice




         Squirrels of Florida

         Impacts of Feral and Free-Ranging Domestic Cats on Wildlife in Florida

         Domestic Duck Problems in Urban Areas

         Dealing with Unwanted Wildlife in an Urban Environment

         Coyotes in Pinellas County


Chapter 6†††††† Insects

         Mosquitoes Associated with Stormwater Detention/Retention Areas

         West Nile Virus

         Blind Mosquitoes (Aquatic Midges)

         Repellent Wars


         Butterfly Gardening in Florida (4 articles)  #1, #2, #3, #4


Chapter 7†††††† Around Your Pond

         Lake Friendly Landscaping

         Audubon Guide for a Healthy Yard

         Backyard Buffers

         Landscaping Backyards for Wildlife

         Weed Control Guide for Florida Lawns

         Your Home Septic System (2 articles) #1, #2